Cricket: 1993 England vs Australia – 1st Test ~~Beautiful Delivery~~

BBC Radio Commentary

Jonathan Agnew:
And now at last

Trevor Bailey:

Jonathan Agnew:
We’ve been looking forward to this.

Trevor Bailey:
Yes. This is the moment we have been waiting for . . . erm . . .

Jonathan Agnew:
Shane Warne coming on and taking off his floppy hat to reveal a shock of blond hair.
He has an earring in one ear as well and certainly a member of the new generation of international cricketers . . . modern-style haircut.

Trevor Bailey:
Hasn’t got a ponytail though.

Jonathan Agnew:
Hasn’t got a ponytail… has got one of these new shave jobs . . . number two or three razor ‘round the back, and a lot more hair on top.
Anyway here he comes on now; he’s going to bowl from the far end, which is the end from which Peter Such did all the damage in Australia’s innings – 6 for 67 he took.
And I just wonder, Trevor, there must be, I think, a little pressure on young Warne’s shoulders here because he will know his team are expecting him to come on and take some wickets here, or at least turn the ball.

Trevor Bailey:
Well, if he doesn’t turn the ball, England will have a very good time indeed.
Split field, deep square leg, and then three saving one on the leg-side.

Jonathan Agnew:
Just rehearsing one or two deliveries there to Brendan Julien, who’s at mid-on.
There’s a slip, and a short extra cover, a ring of three on the off-side, three on the leg and a deep backward square leg.
And here come Shane Warne, off only two or three paces, he bowls and Gatting is taken on the pad . . . He’s bowled!
Well, Gatting is still standing there.
He can’t believe it, but that must have turned… a very long way.
We haven’t had a view of this, but it took his off-stump.
Gatting can’t believe it.
That is Shane Warne’s first delivery in a Test Match in England.
He’s comprehensively bowled Mike Gatting and well, we’ll have to wait for a replay I’m afraid, to tell you exactly what happened, but that must have turned an awful long way.

Trevor Bailey:
That was a champagne moment . . .
Jonathan Agnew:
We’re still waiting for that.
Mike Gatting is still walking off now, shaking his head; he just can’t believe it at all.
Bowled for 4, and England are 80 for 2.
Warne, as you’d expect, is being surrounded by Australia’s fieldsmen.
They’re all clapping on the back.

Trevor Bailey:
Here’s the replay.

Jonathan Agnew:
See the replay now.
It’s tossed up and pitches around about outside the leg stump, and turns absolutely . . . that turns feet . . .

Trevor Bailey:
That was a jaffa.

Jonathan Agnew:
. . . and it’s taken the top of the off-stump.

Trevor Bailey:
That was an absolutely . . . beautiful delivery!

Jonathan Agnew:
Well he’s got a huge smile on his face and who can blame him.
We’ve got the benefit now of a view of it from a stump camera.
That ball pitched outside the leg stump.
Gatting played it with a perfectly straight bat, or tried to.
That’s unplayable.
And that I’m sure will send a shockwave right through the England dressing room because that didn’t pitch in the rough; that turned off the pitch.

Trevor Bailey:
That was a glorious ball.
Well I must say that, to me, is the champagne moment.
Really that was . . . you can’t ask for a better delivery than that.


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  1. 1993 England v Australia – 1st Test
    Result: Australia won by 179 runs
    Man of Match: S K Warne

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