Cricket: Australia vs England, Fifth Test, 14 August 1948

Bradman played his final test match in 1948, being the fifth Ashes test against England, at the Kennington Oval in London between 14-18 August. He completed his test career with a batting average of 99.94.

BBC Radio Commentary

Rex Alston:

Here’s the applause for Bradman as he comes in.

[extended applause]

Oh, it’s a wonderful reception. The whole crowd is standing, and the England team are joining in, and led by Yardley, three cheers for the Don as he gets to the wicket.


Yardley went up to Bradman and shook him by the hand and then called for three cheers.

And now the crowd has settled down again.

They’ve got forty minutes. Forty minutes more left for play, and Bradman is now taking guard.

Hollies is going to bowl at him, and John Arlott shall describe the first ball.

So come on John.


John Arlott:

Well I don’t think I’m as deadly as you are Rex.

I don’t expect to get a wicket, but it’s rather good to be here, when Don Bradman comes in to bat his last Test.

Now here’s Hollies to bowl to him from the Vauxhall end; he bowls, Bradman goes back across his wicket and pushes the ball gently in the direction of the Houses of Parliament which are out beyond mid-off. It doesn’t go that far, it merely goes to Watkins at silly mid-off. No runs; still 117 for one.

Two slips, a silly mid-off, and a forward short leg close to him.

As Hollies pitches the ball up slowly and, he’s bowled.

[….muted clapping….]

Bradman bowled Hollies nought…bowled Hollies nought…and what do you say under those circumstances?

I wonder if you see a ball very clearly in your last Test in England, a ground where you’ve played out some of the biggest cricket of your life and where the opposing side has just stood round you and given you three cheers and the crowd has clapped you all the way to the wicket. I wonder if you really see the ball at all.”


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  1. Sir Donald Bradman was born at Cootamundra, New South Wales on 27 August 1908, and died in Kensington Park, South Australia on 25 February 2001, aged 92 years.
    Bradman needed just four runs in his last innings to achieve a test batting average of exactly 100, but it was not to be.
    Australia won by an innings and 149 runs. The Australians scored 389 in their innings. England made 52 and 188, giving the Australians a resounding victory.
    Australia won the series 4-0. Australia won the first test of the series by 8 wickets, the second by 409 runs, the third test was drawn, and they won the fourth test by 7 wickets.

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