“On the Birth of a Son” by David Campbell

For Andrew


The day the boy was born, the wall fell down

That flanks our garden. There’s an espaliered pear,

And then the wall I laboured with such care

Such sweat and foresight, locking stone with stone,

To build. Well, it’s just a wall, but it’s my own,

I built it. Sitting in a garden chair

With flowers against the wall, it’s good to stare

Inwards. But now some freak of wind has blown

and tumbled it across the lawn – a sign

Perhaps. Indeed, when I first saw the boy,

I thought, he’s humble now, but wait a few

Years and we’ll see!- out following a line

Not of our choice at all. And then with joy

I looked beyond the stones and saw the view.


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One response to ““On the Birth of a Son” by David Campbell

  1. David Campbell was born in Ellerslie, NSW, Australia on 16 July 1915, and died at Canberra on 29 July 1979, aged 64 years. He had two children during the Second World War, John and Raina, and then seventeen years later, another child called Andrew.

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