Dialogue from Film – “George Harrison: Living in the Material World”

picture-LivingInTheMaterialWorld_GeorgeHarrisonOlivia Harrison:

I woke up.  I just heard … smashing of glass.  I jumped up, woke up George … It was about … must have been about 4:30 in the morning … and I said, ‘somebody’s smashed a window.’

He said, ‘How do you know?’, and I said, ‘I heard it.’

So he jumped up, and I ran to the door, and I locked the door.

And he said, ‘why are you locking the door?’

I said, ‘Why? Because I’m afraid, that’s why I’m locking the door.’

So he said, ‘No, no, no, I’m going out there.’ And so he ran downstairs … um … which he really didn’t have to do, but he felt he had to do because my mother was upstairs and … ah … he didn’t want … you know, he didn’t know where … if she was okay.

We had a statue of St. Michael, and the wing from the statue of St. Michael, is made of stone, had been thrown through the window.  And George was on one side and I was on the other, and we looked down, and this maniac just ran in like a … like a … Beelzebub … with a stick from St. Michael in one hand … you know … ah the the … you know he … he slays the dragon with his spear.  He had that in one hand. I didn’t see what he had in the other.

Anyway, George started chanting really loud and … and this guy was … was saying, you know, ‘get down here, get down here’, you know… ‘What do you want?’

He said, ‘you know what I want.’ It was just horrible. It was just like this voice from the bowels of hell. And ah … then he just … ran up … tore up the stairs.

He was in a florid psychotic state, and he was tall and young, and they’d come closer to where the room was, and this man was on top of George … um trying to kill him … just laying on him and just … I mean the worst way … ah to have some physical contact with some horrible person.

Anyway, I just ran back in the room, and ah … I don’t know, something just took over, and I grabbed a um … poker. My Dad was a big baseball fan, and he used to always say, ‘follow through.’ That’s all I could think of was you’re not … don’t throw like a girl … follow through. I mean it got worse … it just got worse. Cos’ I hit the guy several times, and you could see the blood spreading down his blonde hair, and then, he got up!

He got up, and he chased me, and had me around my neck, and then George got up and jumped on his back, and poor George, he said, ‘you know, God just when he got off of me, I thought, oh good, and then I had to go fight him again!’

And he had already been stabbed. But we all fell into a big pile, and I managed to get out from underneath. George pinned him down, and George said, ‘I’ve got the knife!’, and I thought, ‘what knife?’

I didn’t know. I thought he was just kidding. I thought he was just trying to fake the guy out, saying ‘I’ve got the knife.’ It’s like I hadn’t seen that.

Afterwards, we were taken to a good old National Health hospital with these rickety wheelchairs at four in the morning … and it was like freezing … and it was so cold. I was just shaking. I didn’t realise I was in shock. They were pushing us down. We were looking at each other and they got us in these beds, and they put the curtain around us.

He had a collapsed lung, he had things in and out the other side and the outside of his leg. I had my head open … but just looking into each other’s eyes … our eyes must have been like (motions really wide).

I said, ‘what the hell was that?’ He said, ‘I don’t know. It’s like I never tried to kill anybody before.’ ‘Neither did I.’ It’s like … but what … Obviously we talked about it a lot.

And the next day, George said, ‘you know, I was lying there and I was thinking, I can’t believe it – after everything that’s happened to me – I’m going to be, I’m being murdered in my own home, and since I’m being murdered and I’m going to die, I’d better start letting go … of this life, and I’d better start doing what I been practising to do my whole life, so I can leave my body the way I want to.’

He was so defiant and so determined. Nothing was going to stop him from leaving his body and having … and leaping as high as he could go.


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  1. George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England on 25 February 1943, and died in Los Angeles, USA on 29 November 2001, aged 58 years.
    The attack took place on 30 December 1999, when 36-year-old Michael Abram broke into the Harrisons’ home and attacked Harrison with a kitchen knife, inflicting stab wounds, puncturing a lung and causing head injuries before Olivia Harrison intervened with the fireplace poker. Harrison was hospitalized with more than forty stab wounds following the attack.

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