Excerpt from “You – Forever” by Lobsang Rampa ~~Relax~~

picture-YouForever-RampaDo you know how to relax? Could you without any further instructions become pliant, able to pick up impressions? This is how we would do it; lie down in any position which is comfortable. If you want to have your legs outspread, or your arms outspread – spread them out. The whole art of relaxing is to be completely and utterly comfortable. It will be much better if you relax in the privacy of your own room, because many people, particularly women, do not like anyone to see them in what they wrongly imagine is an ungraceful attitude, and to relax you have to forget all about conventional grace, and, indeed, all about conventions.
Imagine that your body is an island peopled by very small persons who are always obedient to your commands. You can think, if you like, that your body is some vast industrial estate with highly trained, highly obedient technicians at the various controls and “nerve centres” which make up your body. Then when you want to relax, tell these people that the factory is being shut down, tell them that your present desire is that they leave you, that they “shut down” their machines and their “nerve centres,” and go away for the time being.
Lying comfortably, deliberately imagine a host of these small people in your toes, in your feet, in your knees-everywhere in fact. Picture yourself gazing down upon your body and upon all these little people who are pulling up on your muscles and causing your nerves to twitch. Gaze down upon them as if you were some great figure high, high in the sky, look upon these people, and then address them from your mind. Tell them to come out of your feet, leave your legs, command them to march away from your hands and from your arms, tell them to congregate in the space between your umbilicus and the end of your sternum. The sternum, let us remind you, is the end of the breastbone. If you run your fingers down the middle of your body, between your ribs, you will find there is a bar of hard material, and that is actually the sternum. Run your fingers down a little further until the material ends. So – between that spot and your umbilicus is the designated spot. Command all these little people to congregate on that space, imagine that you can see them marching up your limbs up your body in their serried ranks like workers leaving a busy factory at the end of the day.
In coming to the designated spot they will have deserted your legs and your arms, and so these limbs will be without tension, without feeling even, for these little people are the ones who make your machinery work, the ones who feed the relay stations and the nerve centres. Your arms and legs, then, will be not precisely numb, but without any feeling of tenseness, without any feeling of tiredness, we might say that they will be almost “not there.”
Now you have all your little people congregating in the pre-arranged space like a lot of factory workers attending a political rally! Gaze upon them in your imagination for a few moments, let your gaze encompass all of them, then firmly, confidently, tell them to get off, tell them to leave your body until you instruct them to return. Tell them to go along the Silver Cord and away from you. They must leave you in peace while you meditate, while you relax.
Picture to yourself that Silver Cord stretching away from your physical body out into the great realms beyond. Picture to yourself that the Silver Cord is like a tunnel, like a subway, and imagine all the rush-hour travellers in a city such as London or New York or Moscow-imagine them all leaving the city at once and going out into the suburbs, think of trainload after trainload taking all these workers away leaving the city comparatively quiet. MAKE these little people do that to you—it is very easy with practice! —then you will be quite without tension, your nerves will no longer be a-jangle, and your muscles will no longer be tense. Just lie quiet, let your mind “tick over.” It does not matter what you think about, it does not matter even if you do not think. Let that go on for a few moments while you breathe slowly, steadily, then dismiss those thoughts in much the same way as you dismissed your “factory workers.”
Humans are so busy with their petty little thoughts that they have no time for the greater things of the Greater Life. People are so busy wondering about when the next sale is held or how many trading coupons are given free this week or what is happening on the television, that they have no time for dealing with the things that really matter. All these mundane everyday things are completely trivial. Will it matter in fifty years’ time that so-and-so’s were selling dress lengths at below cost today? But it will matter to you in fifty years’ time how you progress now, for keep this thought in mind; no man or woman has ever succeeded in taking a single penny beyond this life, yet every man and woman takes the knowledge which they have gained in this life to the next life. That is why people are here, and if you are going to take worthwhile knowledge to the other side, or just a useless clutter of unrelated thoughts, is a matter which should engage your earnest attention.


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  1. Lobsang Rampa, was born as Cyril Hoskin in Plympton, Devon, United Kingdom on 8 April 1910, and died in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 25 January 1981, aged 70 years.
    Rampa did not deny that he had been born as Cyril Hoskin, but claimed that his body was now occupied by the spirit of Lobsang Rampa.

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