Excerpt from “The Invaders – Dam of Death” by Jack Pearl ~~Finger~~

picture-Invaders-DamOfDeathThe four security guards were paralyzed as the weird fire raged over their bodies. Delacorte and the President uncovered their eyes and looked on in horror as the stricken men melted away into nothing.
“They are devils!” the President whispered in awe. He crossed himself and began to pray in Spanish.
“That’s ridiculous!” the Ambassador scoffed. “They’re foreign agents with some kind of secret weapons!”
He stepped out into the aisle and confronted the pilot and flight engineer belligerently. “You’ll answer for this outrage to the United States government! How dare you!”
“Don’t excite yourself, Ambassador Delacorte,” the pilot said in a pleasant voice. He reached up and placed a hand on Delacorte’s shoulder. “I think you had better sit down. This may be a rough landing.”
The Ambassador grabbed his wrist and pulled it away from his shoulder. “Get your hands off me!” he said angrily. Then the anger drained out of him as he looked at the hand held up before his face. He was shocked at first. The smallest finger was deformed, stunted and twisted in against the palm of the pilot’s hand. It looked like a small claw.
Delacorte shuddered and let go of the man’s wrist. He backed away. A terrible fear seized him but it was not the kind of fear he would have felt at being threatened by plane hijackers, enemy agents, ordinary thugs. This was a deeper, more primitive fear, a fear of the unknown. “Devils” the President had called them. Delacorte believed him now. There was something inhuman about these creatures. He could think of them only as creatures.
The pilot advanced at him with his hand outstretched, the crooked little finger beckoning to him. He was holding out a small disk with a rough, quartzlike texture to its face.


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One response to “Excerpt from “The Invaders – Dam of Death” by Jack Pearl ~~Finger~~

  1. The Invaders was an American science fiction television program that aired for two seasons in 1967 and 1968. ‘Dam of Death’ is a book adaptation of the television series.
    The aliens had certain characteristics by which they could be detected, which included “mutated” little fingers which could not move and were bent at an unnatural angle.

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