Excerpt from “Follow The Roar” by Bob Smiley ~~Watch~~

picture-FollowTheRoar-SmileyStewart Cink lines up an uphill, five-foot putt for par. His opponent, Tiger Woods, is already in the hole with a bogey. Tiger’s 4 up on Stewart, halfway through the 36-hole final of the Accenture Match Play.

But it’s not over. In fact, if Cink makes this, he can stall Tiger’s momentum and cut into the lead, starting the last 18 holes a very catchable 3 down. A big putt, to say the least. He takes a practice stroke with his belly putter, then carefully rests it behind the ball.

I look around to see if everyone else shares my suspense and notice I’m the only person actually watching Stewart Cink. I follow the gallery’s eyes to the far side of the green to see what’s so distracting.

Tiger Woods is putting on his watch.


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One response to “Excerpt from “Follow The Roar” by Bob Smiley ~~Watch~~

  1. Bob Smiley is a television writer and golf columnist. In 2008, he followed Tiger Woods from the gallery for the entirety of Woods’ season and wrote a memoir about the adventure.

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