Excerpt from “No Memory for Pain” by F. Kingsley Norris ~~Maple Syrup~~

One delightful Sunday was spent in the countryside. Across the Ottawa River I was aware we were in a French area. On the Ottawa side of the bridge I was invited to ‘Drink Coca Cola’, on the far side to ‘Buvez Coca Cola’. We drove on through the woods to the sugar bush country, an area covered with snow around the bare stems of the maples, each with a small spigot stuck into the bark, dripping the clear sap into a can below. Large cauldrons had been set up above fires and into these the cans were emptied, boiling and bubbling away, the sap soon became concentrated into the yellow-brown maple syrup.

On a table nearby were shallow round pans about twelve inches in diameter, filled with soft snow, over which was poured the hot syrup, which almost at once congealed into a tacky mass of toffee while the youngsters crowded around twirling little sticks into this delight and sucking away. Only for a few weeks, while the snow is still on the ground and the sap is beginning to rise, can the syrup be gathered; once the buds appear the flavour is spoiled.


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  1. Sir Frank Kingsley Norris was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 25 June 1893, and died on 1 May 1984, aged 90 years.
    In April 1940 he was promoted to colonel and appointed Assistant-Director of Medical Services of the 7th Division. After a period in the Middle East for the Syrian campaign, the division returned to Australia early in 1942. They were deployed to Papua in August. Norris walked the Kokoda Trail twice, although almost 50 years of age.
    In the early 1950s, he travelled to many countries investigating the Medical Services of the British Commonwealth.

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