“Spiderman” Theme Song (Words by Paul Francis Webster)

Spiderman, Spiderman, 
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman.

Is he strong?
Listen bud,
He’s got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread
Take a look overhead
Hey, there
There goes the Spiderman.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Spiderman, Spiderman
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman
Wealth and fame
He’s ignored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there’s a hang up
You’ll find the Spider man.




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3 responses to ““Spiderman” Theme Song (Words by Paul Francis Webster)

  1. This was the theme song to the cartoon television series which ran from September 1967 to June 1970.
    The lyrics were written by Paul Francis Webster (20 December 1907 – 18 March 1984) who won three Academy Awards for Best Song (“Secret Love”, “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” and “The Shadow of Your Smile”) and was nominated sixteen times for the award.

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  3. James

    Hell Yeah! This is a Jam!!!

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