Excerpt from “Letters of the Great Artists” by Richard Friedenthal ~~Van Gogh – Café~~

picture-LettersGreatArtists-FriedenthalVINCENT VAN GOGH TO HIS SISTER WILLEMIEN

Arles, about 8 September 1888

My house here is painted the yellow colour of fresh butter on the outside with glaringly green shutters; it stands in the full sunlight in a square which has a green garden with plane trees, oleanders and acacias. And it is completely whitewashed inside, and the floor is made of red bricks. And over it is the intensely blue sky. In this I can live and breathe, meditate and paint. And it seems to me that I might go still farther into the South, rather than go up to the North again, seeing that I am greatly in need of a strong heat, so that my blood can circulate normally. Here I feel much better than I did in Paris.

You see, I can hardly doubt that you on your part would also like the South enormously. The fact is that the sun has never penetrated us people of the North. It is already a few days since I started writing this letter, and now I will continue it. In point of fact I was interrupted these days by my toiling on a new picture representing the outside of a night café. On the terrace there are the tiny figures of people drinking. An enormous yellow lantern sheds its light on the terrace, the house front and the sidewalk, and even casts a certain brightness on the pavement of the street, which takes a pinkish violet tone. The gable-topped fronts of the houses in a street stretching away under a blue sky spangled with stars are dark blue or violet and there is a green tree. Here you have a night picture without any black in it, done with nothing but beautiful blue and violet and green, and in these surroundings the lighted square acquires a pale sulphur and greenish citron-yellow colour. It amuses me enormously to paint the night right on the spot. They used to draw and paint the picture in the daytime after the rough sketch. But I find satisfaction in painting things immediately.

Café Terrace At Night


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One response to “Excerpt from “Letters of the Great Artists” by Richard Friedenthal ~~Van Gogh – Café~~

  1. Vincent Van Gogh was born in Zundert, Netherlands on 30 March 1853, and died on 29 July 1890, aged 37 years. He was a post-Impressionist painter whose work is notable for its beauty, emotion and colour.
    “Café Terrace At Night” was painted in 1888 depicting a scene outside a café on the Place du Forum in Arles, France.

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