Excerpt from “The Spiderwick Chronicles – The Seeing Stone” by Tony Di Terlizzi and Holly Black ~~Goblins~~

picture-SpiderwickChronicles-SeeingStone“We’re going to have to make a run for the house,” Mallory whispered back.
“We can’t,” Jared said. The memory of the goblins’ jagged teeth and claws wouldn’t leave him.
“A couple more planks and they’ll be inside.”
He nodded numbly, steeling himself to rise. Fumbling, he tried to fit the stone into the eyepiece and attach it to his head. The clip pinched his nose.
“On my mark,” said Mallory. “One. Two. Three. Go!”
She opened the door and they both sprinted toward the house. Goblins hurtled after them. Clawed hands caught at Jared’s clothes. He wrenched free and ran on.
Mallory was faster. She was almost to the door of the house when a goblin caught the back of Jared’s shirt and pulled hard. He went down on his stomach in the grass. The stone flew out of the monocle. He dug his fingers into the dirt, holding on as much as he could, but he was being dragged backward.
He could feel the clasps on his pack loosening, and he screamed.
Mallory turned. Instead of running on toward the house, she started running back to him. Her fencing sword was still in her hand, but there was no way she could know what she was up against.
“Mallory!” Jared shouted. “No! Run away!”
At least one goblin must have gone past him, because he saw Mallory’s arm jerk and heard her cry out. Red lines appeared where nails scraped her. The headphones were ripped free from her neck. She spun and lashed out with the rapier, dealing a stinging blow to the air. It didn’t seem like she had hit anything. She swung the sword in an arc, but again, nothing.
Jared kicked out hard with one of his legs, striking something solid. He felt the grip that held him slip, and he pulled himself forward, yanking his backpack out of their grasp. The contents spilled out and Jared was barely able to snatch up the Guide in time. Reaching around in the grass, he picked up the stone and scrambled to where Mallory was. Then he brought the stone to his eye and looked.
“Six o’clock,” he shouted, and Mallory whirled, striking in that direction, catching a goblin across the ear. It howled. Rapier blades didn’t have points, but they sure stung when they hit.
“Shorter, they’re shorter.” Jared managed to pull himself to his feet so that he was standing with his back against Mallory’s. All five goblins were circling them.
One lunged from the right. “Three o’clock,” Jared shouted.
Mallory knocked the goblin to the ground easily.
“Twelve o’clock! Nine o’clock! Seven o’clock!” They were rushing all at once, and Jared didn’t think Mallory could possibly manage. He hefted the field guide and swung it as hard as he could at the nearest goblin.
Thwack! The book hit the goblin hard enough to send it sprawling backward. Mallory had knocked down two more with hard blows. Now they circled more warily, gnashing teeth of glass and stone.
There was a strange call, like a cross between a bark and a whistle. At that sound, the goblins retreated one by one into the woods.
Jared collapsed onto the grass. His side hurt and he was out of breath.


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  1. “The Seeing Stone” is the second book of the The Spiderwick Chronicles, published in May 2003.

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