Excerpt from “Goldfinger” by Ian Fleming ~~Handsome~~

picture-Goldfinger-FlemingBond found himself in a Pullman with Tilly Masterton across the aisle and the Koreans and Germans all around them. Goldfinger was in the front of the car talking cheerfully with his satraps. Miss Pussy Galore strolled by. She ignored the upturned face of Tilly Masterton but gave Bond the usual searching glance. There was a banging of doors being closed. Pussy Galore stopped and rested an arm on the back of the seat in front of Bond. She looked down at him. “Hullo, Handsome. Long time no see. Uncle doesn’t seem to let you off the lead much.”

Bond said, “Hullo, Beautiful. That outfit suits you fine. I’m feeling rather faint. How about doing a bit of nursing?”

The deep violet eyes examined him carefully. She said softly, “You know what, Mister Bond? I got a feeling there’s something phoney about you. I got instincts, see? Just what are you and that doll” – she jerked her head back – “doing in this outfit?”

“We do all the work.”

The train began to move. Pussy Galore straightened herself. She said, “Mebbe you do. But if any little thing goes wrong with this caper, for my money it’ll be Handsome who knows why. Get me?”


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  1. Ian Fleming was born in London, England on 28 May 1908, and died on 12 August 1964, aged 56 years. ‘Goldfinger’ was published in 1959.

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