Dialogue from “Get Smart – Mr Big” ~~Cone of Silence~~

MAX (now smoking a cigarette): Just a minute, Chief. Isn’t this top security?
CHIEF: (tentatively) Yes.
MAX: Well, shouldn’t we activate the cone of silence?
CHIEF: (dismayed) The cone of silence?
MAX: Yes.
CHIEF: Alright, Max. (to intercom) Hodgkins.
HODGKINS (from intercom): Yes, sir.
CHIEF: Activate the cone of silence.
HODGKINS: (dubiously) The cone of silence?
The cone of silence begins descending.
CHIEF: First of all, how much –
Max signals the Chief to wait. They wait while the cone of silence completes its descent. Then Max signals that it’s okay to proceed. Max is smoking his cigarette inside the cone of silence.
CHIEF: How much do you know about KAOS?
MAX: What did you say, sir?
MAX: What?
CHIEF: (raising voice) KAOS.
MAX: Oh, KAOS. Yes, of course. Well, that’s an international criminal organization that was founded…oh…I think in 1957.
CHIEF: (softly) How’s that?
MAX: Fifty-seven.
Chief: What?
MAX: (raising voice) Fifty-seven.
CHIEF: Agent 57 is in Hong Kong.
MAX: What?
CHIEF: Hong Kong.
MAX: What about Hong Kong?
CHIEF: What?
MAX: (raising voice) Hong Kong.
CHIEF: (exasperated) Why are we talking about Hong Kong?
MAX: What?
CHIEF: Hong – (patience exhausted) Hodgkins, raise the cone of silence.
CHIEF: (shouting) Raise the cone of silence!
The cone of silence ascends.
MAX: Perhaps we could just talk softly, sir.




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  1. Get Smart was a comedy television series created by Mel Brooks with Buck Henry. The main characters were Maxwell Smart Agent 86 (Don Adams), Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon), and their boss, Chief (Edward Platt).
    The show satirized the spy genre and was originally broadcast from September 1965 to May 1970.

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