Excerpt from “Goldfinger” by Ian Fleming ~~Bowler~~

picture-Goldfinger-FlemingBond said casually, “Why does the man always wear that bowler hat?”
“Oddjob!” The Korean had reached the service door. “The hat.” Goldfinger pointed at a panel in the woodwork near the fireplace.
Still holding the cat under his left arm, Oddjob turned and walked stolidly back towards them. When he was half way across the floor, and without pausing or taking aim, he reached up to his hat, took it by the rim and flung it sideways with all his force. There was a loud clang. For an instant the rim of the bowler hat stuck an inch deep in the panel Goldfinger had indicated, then it fell and clattered on the floor.
Goldfinger smiled politely at Bond. “A light but very strong alloy, Mr Bond. I fear that will have damaged the felt covering, buy Oddjob will put on another. He’s surprisingly quick with a needle and thread. As you can imagine, that blow would have smashed a man’s skull or half severed his neck. A homely and a most ingeniously concealed weapon, I’m sure you’ll agree.”
“Yes, indeed.” Bond smiled with equal politeness. “Useful chap to have around.”


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  1. Ian Fleming was born in London, England on 28 May 1908, and died on 12 August 1964, aged 56 years. ‘Goldfinger’ was published in 1959.

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