Dialogue from Film – “The Lone Ranger” ~~Spirit Horse~~

A posse of Texas Rangers have been murdered in an ambush by the evil Butch Cavendish and his gang. The rangers include the heroic Dan Reid, and his newly deputised brother, the attorney John Reid. Tonto has discovered their bodies and has prepared graves.
Each of the seven bodies has been placed in the shallow graves. Tonto discovers John Reid is not dead, and hits him with a rock to knock him out, having little regard for him given their recent past encounter. Tonto walks back to the shovel to begin the burials, but notices a pure white Spirit Horse carrying John Reid’s white hat is approaching his grave.

(Tonto drops the shovel and holds up his hands)
Greetings, noble Spirit Horse.

The horse drops the hat at the foot of John Reid’s open grave and scrapes his hoof on the ground.

No, no. No, please, you make mistake.
(Pointing at John Reid)
Halfwit, wet brain.

The horse turns away seemingly trying to ignore him.

You come.

Tonto leads the Spirit Horse over to the open grave of Dan Reid.

(Gestures at Dan Reid)
Him. Great warrior.

The horse snorts and returns to John Reid.

Spirit Horse, you have travelled far … obviously very fatigued. I understand.

The horse shakes his head.

You come. Come, come. Come, come.

Tonto takes the Spirit Horse back to the shallow grave and points at the body of Dan Reid.

Him, strong brother.

The horse immediately turns and walks back to John Reid.

(Pointing at the body of Dan Reid and watching the horse walk away)
Want him. Bring him back.

The horse stands over John Reid as he lies in the shallow grave. He lifts his leg and with his hoof, scrapes it across the Texas Ranger badge pinned to his chest.

Tonto stares into the horse’s eyes, then looks up at the sky, throwing out his hands, mystified.

(John Reid ultimately becomes the Lone Ranger)




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  1. “The Lone Ranger” was released in 2013, with Johnny Depp in the role of Tonto.
    The characters of the Lone Ranger and Tonto have their origins in a radio program in 1930s. It was further popularized with a television series in the 1950s.

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