Dialogue from Film – “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” ~~Dining room~~

Liberty Valance and his two cronies, Floyd and Reese, enter the crowded dining room, with Valance loudly shoving the doors open and attracting everyone’s attention.

Hallie looks at him with apprehension, turns and goes back to the kitchen.
Valance says nothing, but watches her leave.

Valance looks down at a group of men eating their meal.
He reaches with a fork and picks up a steak off one of their plates.

These steaks look done just right for us.

The sheriff quickly leaves his meal and scurries out the side door.

You cowhands ain’t in no hurry to eat, are you?

Valance (He grabs one of the men’s chair and yanks it roughly away):
Well, l am!

l guess we could do with another drink.

The men at the table hurriedly leave the dining room.

That’s right neighbourly of you, partner.
(Valance looks across the room and sees Tom Doniphon sitting back watching him).
Especially after all the lying things l hear folks been saying about Liberty Valance.

In the kitchen, we see Rance Stoddard about to carry out a meal to the dining room.

Wait a minute!
One of Mamma’s pies for Tom.

Valance slams his silver-knobbed whip onto the table.
He looks up to see Stoddard entering the dining room.

Stoddard stands still for a moment staring at Valance.

Valance (Laughing):
Lookee at the new waitress.

Stoddard walks by Valance, ignoring him.
Valance puts his leg out and trips Stoddard violently to the ground, dropping the meal onto the floor.
Valance laughs, but very quickly Doniphon is on his feet squaring off to Valance.
Valance quickly moves to his feet facing Doniphon, hands poised on his gunbelt.

That’s my steak, Valance.

You heard him, dude. Pick it up. (laughing)

Stoddard is looking up at Valance, his face filled with rage.


Pilgrim, hold it.
l said you, Valance. You pick it up.

Three against one, Doniphon.

My boy Pompey. Kitchen door.

Valance turns to look and we see Pompey, standing next to Hallie, and he is nestling a shotgun pointed straight at Valance.

l’ll get it, Liberty.

Doniphon nonchalantly leans back and kicks Floyd squarely in the face.
Doniphon strides carefully toward Valance, now standing only a yard apart.

l said you, Liberty. You pick it up.

Stoddard clambers to his feet and stands beside the two men.

What’s the matter?
Everybody in this country kill-crazy?
(Stoddard goes back to the fallen meal, bends down and haphazardly throws it onto the plate).
There! There!
Now, it’s picked up!

Why don’t you get yourself a fresh steak on me?
(Valance drops some coins in his hand directly onto the floor, as he glares at Doniphon).
Show’s over for now.

Floyd opens the door for them to leave.
Valance begins to leave the dining room.
He stops and turns quickly, as if to draw and shoot.

Try it, Liberty. Just try it.

Valance (thinks for a moment, and turns to leave, clubbing Floyd angrily out of his way):
Get out!

Valance goes outside, climbs on his horse.
He grabs a bottle of whisky from Reese. He draws the cork with his teeth, takes a slug, and then hurls the bottle into the one of the dining room windows.
Lots of gunshots in the air and mayhem follow, while the people in the dining room take cover.
Valance and his cronies ride out of town.

Now I wonder what scared him off.

You know what scared him.
The spectacle of law and order here, rising up out of the gravy and the mashed potatoes.

All right, All right, you made your point.
It was the gun that scared him off.
Pompey’s gun, your gun, Tom.
Why did you have to interfere? It was me he tripped.

lt was my steak.

And you would have killed him for it, or he would have killed you.
Over one measly steak!
That’s why l picked it up!

Thanks for saving my life, pilgrim.

That isn’t why l did it!
Nobody fights my battles.




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  1. ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ was released in 1962
    James Stewart played: Ransom Stoddard
    John Wayne played: Tom Doniphon
    Lee Marvin played: Liberty Valance

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