“Rescued” by Emily, aged 12

picture-Koala-Emily11I awoke to find myself in a different place, a wired cage surrounded by small eucalyptus trees. I am confused. Where am I? My small beady eyes widened in horror as I see a young animal that was certainly not a koala walk swiftly past. Humans. What am I doing here… with them? I snuffle around my new surroundings only thoughts of the creatures on my mind. They are the ones who have been slowly killing my home. My luscious forest full of family and friends. We were a community. My small claws dug deeply into the tree bark. I had to get out of here. I scurried to the cage floor and hobbled to the side. I let my claws scrape the wiry walls. My body filling with despair as they did not budge. I let out a small pain of disgust. Unable to believe my last days would have to be spent here.
As time went on I mourned for my home and my family. The sweet taste of fresh eucalyptus leaves in my munching mouth. The warmth of my baby clinging to my back as it demanded food that I happily offered. I must admit this place isn’t as cruel as I described the first day. My caretaker is kind to me, she provides me with necessities out of kindness. She talks to me every day. Always concerned about my wellbeing when I look sorrowfully away. She whispers how she found me lying on the bare forest floor now free of trees. How she heard the rumbling of the tree destroyers by her cottage much too late to save our home. She says she owes this to me. Which I think is a lie. Those men in the fluoro orange jacket owe much more to me than she ever will.
Months go past and I fall horribly ill. The world constantly spins and my eyes are angry and itchy. Julie is incredibly worried and often cries. I feel bad for her, but why is she sad when I am sick? I never understood humans fully. I do like Julie and she saved me from death but I wish my life would’ve stayed as it was before this cage. Julie sometimes lets me crawl around outside. Her husband likes that. He says I look happier. The scents of the forest and its memories have started to fade. I strain to remember life before nowadays. I will never forget my own baby daughter though.
Pain is now constantly upon me. My body aches and I have become thin. I want more than anything just to be free again and so I shall. Julie has started a ‘STOP DEFORESTATION PROJECT’ communally. People often come and see me when they come for a meeting. My apparent ‘cuteness’ convinces people to help. I really do hope it helps. I hope no other koalas have to be put through so much pain…
Finally I am home. I have been released. Back in nature and back to my family.

Copyright © 2014 Emily


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