Dialogue from Film – “Roman Holiday” ~~Truth~~

Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) and Irving Radovich (Eddie Albert), both members of the press, unbeknownst to the Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) are accompanying her on a truant day from her official duties.

ANN [stopping]:
I’m a good liar too, aren’t I, Mr. Bradley?

The best I ever met.

IRVING [dramatically]:

Thank you very much.

JOE [looking over at a building in the distance]:
Say… come with me.

Joe takes her arm, leading her away. They arrive in a small, dark building. They walk inside and up to a large stone carving of a face in the wall.

The Mouth of Truth.
[He stands on one side, Ann the other]
The legend is that if you’re given to lying, you put your hand in there [points to the mouth] it’ll be bitten off.

Ooh, what a horrid idea.

Let’s see you do it.

She looks up worried, but seeing Joe looking at her, feels some resolve and, tentatively, she puts her hand towards the mouth. Ann moves her hand, closer and closer, her fingertips entering the mouth, but loses her nerve and with a nervous giggle, she pulls it back.
Irving stands in the background secretively using his ‘cigarette lighter’ camera.

Let’s see you do it.

JOE [he looks worried for a moment, then finds his nerve]:

Joe takes a step forward, moving his hand onto the lip of the mouth. Ann watches with the tension building. Joe slides his fingers into the mouth and then his hand up to the wrist. He looks at her reassuringly then suddenly gives out a loud cry, struggling to free his hand from the mouth.
Ann screams and rushes to his side, pulling at him from behind.
Joe takes out his hand, apparently severed at the wrist and Ann screams in fright, putting her hands over her face.

JOE [Smiling, he lets his hand spring open, out of his sleeve, and makes to shake hands]:

ANN [stunned for a moment, then lunges at Joe, playfully beating her fists at him, laughing, Joe takes her in his arms as she throws herself toward him]:
You beast! It was perfectly alright! You never hurt your hand!

JOE [letting her go]:
I’m sorry, it was just a joke! Alright?

ANN [laughing still]:
You never hurt your hand.

JOE [calming her]:
I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Ok?

ANN [regaining her composure]:

Alright, let’s go.
[They turn to leave and he cries out, jumping away from the Mouth]
Look out!

Ann screams, running out of the building.
Joe follows her, laughing.






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  1. “Roman Holiday” was released in 1953 starring Audrey Hepburn as the truant princess, and Gregory Peck as Joe Bradley.

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