Excerpt from “Doctor Zhivago” by Boris Pasternak ~~Library~~

picture-DrZhivago-PasternakYury’s first impulse was to go across and speak to her. But a shyness and lack of simplicity, entirely alien to his nature, had, in the past, crept into his relationship with her and now held him back. He decided not to disturb her, and not to interrupt his work. To avoid the temptation of looking at her, he turned his chair sideways, so that its back was almost against his table; he tried to concentrate on his books, holding one in his hand and another on his knees.
But his thoughts were worlds away from the subject he was reading. Suddenly he realised that the voice he had once heard in a dream on a winter night in Varykino had been Lara’s. The discovery took him so much by surprise that he jerked his chair back, making a noise which startled his neighbours, and stared at her.
He saw her side-face, almost from the back. She wore a light check blouse with a belt and she sat, lost in her book, utterly absorbed in it, like a child, her head bent slightly over her right shoulder. Occasionally she stopped to think, looked up at the ceiling or straight in front of her, then again propped her cheek on her hand and wrote in her notebook with a swift, sweeping movement of her pencil.
Yury noticed again what he had observed long ago in Melyuzeyevo. “She has no coquetry,” he thought. “She does not wish to please or look beautiful. She despises all that side of a woman’s life, it’s as though she was punishing herself for being lovely. But this proud hostility to herself makes her more attractive than ever.
“How well she does everything! She reads not as if reading were the highest human activity, but as if it were the simplest possible thing, a thing which even animals could do. As if she were carrying water from a well or peeling potatoes.”


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  1. Boris Pasternak was born in Moscow, Russia on 10 February 1890, and died on 30 May 1960, aged 70 years. “Doctor Zhivago” was published in 1958.
    The film was released in 1965, with Omar Sharif as Dr Yury Zhivago, and Julie Christie as Lara Antipova.

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