Excerpt from “Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel” by Jonathan Morris ~~Trapped~~

picture-DrWho-TouchedbyanAngelRory backed away from the two Weeping Angels in front of him, flashing his torchlight from one to the other. He backed into the Doctor, busy trying to keep his own two Weeping Angels at bay. ‘It’s no good,’ said Rory. ‘I can’t reach the “On” switch. I messed up, and now we’re trapped and are probably going to die.’
‘It’s not over yet, I should be able to activate it with this,’ said the Doctor, deftly raising his sonic screwdriver. Which failed to light up or make any sound. ‘Oh. That would’ve been a lot more impressive had it actually worked. No, you were right with the first thing you said.’
There was another boom of thunder and crackle of lightning. It lit up the Angels’ faces. They were snarling hungrily, their jagged teeth bared, their tongues lolling, their foreheads ridged in scowls of hatred, their eyes hideous staring blank orbs of stone.
Rory held them back using his torchlight. The light grew dimmer. Rory shook the torch and banged it with the palm of his hand, but it didn’t get any brighter. ‘Doctor. The torches –’
‘The Angels are draining the energy,’ said the Doctor. ‘I know. Hence my sonic trouble.’
Rory flashed the feeble beam back toward the Angels. They were now less than a metre away, reaching towards him with their long, claw-like fingers. The torchlight was now so weak he had to strain his eyes just to make out the shape of the Angels in the darkness.
‘Rory,’ said Amy. ‘I don’t think I can keep them back much –’ She gave a short scream.
Rory spun around to see Amy standing perfectly still, her eyes wide with terror, a Weeping Angel’s arm coiling around her neck, almost but not quite making contact with her skin. The Weeping Angel’s mouth hung open lasciviously, like a vampire about to sink its fangs into her jugular.
‘Don’t stop looking at it, Rory’, begged Amy. ‘Don’t look away. And please, whatever you do, d-d-don’t blink!’
Rory kept his eyes glued to the Weeping Angel, but as the light from his torch faded away, it slowly but surely disappeared into the darkness.
Suddenly the roar of a car engine filled the air and Amy and the Weeping Angel were caught in the lurching beams of an approaching pair of headlights. Rory didn’t dare look away from Amy, he didn’t dare blink, even as he heard the car draw nearer and come to a halt, even as he heard the sound of the car door slamming and someone running toward them.


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  1. Jonathan Morris was born in Taunton, England on 17 September 1973.
    He has written a number of Dr Who adventures, with ‘Touch by an Angel’ published in 2011.

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