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“Sad Sack” by George Baker ~~Big Heart~~


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“Scenes We’d Like to See” by Jack Rickard ~~Pinocchio~~


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27 October 2013 · 11:10 pm

“A Mad Look At Fairy Tales” by Sergio Aragonés ~~Frog Prince~~


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21 July 2013 · 8:04 am

“Don Martin Dept” by Don Martin ~~Frog’s Legs~~


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22 May 2013 · 12:30 pm

Excerpt from “DC Universe – Secret Origins” ~~Green Arrow~~

Origin of Green Arrow by Jack Kirby and Ed Herron

One night, as a cruise ship plowed through the South Seas, a sudden lurch threw one of the passengers overboard. His shouts for rescue went unheard, and by morning, he had drifted far off course. But luck was with him, for the currents carried him to the shore of a deserted jungle land, where he managed to drag his fatigued body to safety.
Who was this man? His friends knew him as Oliver Queen, wealthy playboy and world traveller. But now, he likened himself to Robinson Crusoe, as he toured the little island and realized he must fend for himself, if he hoped to remain alive.
A rock cavern became Oliver Queen’s new “home,” and there he fashioned his first weapon for food – a sharply chipped stone lashed with thin, strong vines to a long, straight twig . . . a crude arrow. With a large branch and thicker vines, he constructed a bow. Then followed hours of practice, until he became an expert bowman.
But Oliver’s problem was far from resolved. True, he’d become skilful enough to send an arrow into a moving fish, but what was to keep the fish from swimming off after it was nailed? Strong vine, attached to the arrow’s shaft, was the answer – the first arrowline – which enabled Oliver to haul in his slippery target.
The first success inspired Oliver Queen to devise more trick arrows. A vine net, rolled tightly into a hollow shaft, was his first net arrow. Strung with an arrowline to his bow, the net flew out and unfurled as he fired the arrow into the sea, so that he could now haul in loads of fish at a time.
Later, seeking a way to get coconuts from the high trees, Oliver invented his first drill arrow. Fashioned with elastic bands from his socks, wrapped tightly around a hooked arrowhead which he’d carved – an arrowhead able to turn freely on its shaft – he could create a drill action in the fired arrow, strong enough to pierce the coconut’s hard shell.
Finally, to camouflage himself while hunting small game, he covered himself with a green leaf suit. It was while wearing this costume that he spotted a freighter anchored off the island. Swiftly, he swam out to the ship, only to come upon a criminal crew that was mutinying.
Smearing anchor chain grease on his face, so the deck lights wouldn’t reflect off his skin, his face was unrecognizable as he charged aboard and, with his trick arrows, easily subdued the mutineers.
“That green costume – that mask of grease,” a grateful captain later said, “Just who are you?”
At that moment, Oliver Queen realized he could serve a useful purpose in life. “Why – just call me,” he said, “GREEN ARROW!”



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“The Far Side Gallery” by Gary Larson ~~Popeye~~


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14 April 2013 · 4:31 am

“A Mad Look At Fairy Tales” by Sergio Aragonés ~~Geppetto’s Dream~~


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30 March 2013 · 7:42 am