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“Bambi” by Felix Salten, Disney version ~~Flee~~


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“The Far Side Gallery” by Gary Larson ~~Nintendo~~

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4 January 2019 · 11:27 am

The Impossibles – Hanna-Barbera production



















The Impossibles was an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera, and first broadcast in 1966. It featured three superhero crime-fighter characters, who had alter-egos as rock band musicians.

Multi-Man had shaggy orange hair that covered his eyes, and wore an angular, red and black costume with a stylized ‘M’, and a short, triangular red cape. He also carried a shield with a large ‘M’ on it. He could create infinite duplicates of himself. He would use these duplicates as camouflage (which one is the real one?), a show of strength in numbers, for added strength, or even to fly by creating replicas in an upward direction.

Fluid-Man had black hair, and wore a lime green wetsuit complete with diver’s mask and swimfins, and a large ‘F’ on his chest. He could transform his body into a liquid form, which allowed him many ways of infiltrating the criminals’ hideouts. He could flood in under the door, or sneak into the plumbing and emerge from a water tap, or even vaporize himself into a cloud or storm.
However, he did have vulnerabilities, and could get soaked up and trapped by a sponge, or be frozen solid.

Coil-Man was short and stocky with blonde hair, and wore a purple and blue costume with a large letter ‘C’ on his chest, and a purple mask and a cowl crested by a triangular fin. He could transform his arms and legs into coiled and stretchable springs, allowing him to bounce to avoid attacks, deliver long-range punches, or even drill through walls. He could also conduct heat or electricity with his coils. Coily was vulnerable to super magnets, which could hold him captive.

Me and Mum. Note the drawing over on the left - M, F & C

Me and Mum.
Note the drawing over on the left – M, F & C


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