Dialogue from Film – Monty Python & The Holy Grail ~~Black Knight~~

Black Knight                       Who dares to challenge the Black Knight?

Arthur                                   I do not challenge you.

The Black Knight stares impassively and says nothing. 

Arthur                                   I am Arthur, King of the Britons.

Hint of a pause as he waits for a reaction which doesn’t come.

Arthur is only slightly thrown.                

Arthur                                   I seek the bravest and the finest knights in all the world

to join me in my court at Camelot …

The Black Knight remains silent.                              

Arthur                                   You have proved yourself worthy.… Will you join me?


Arthur                                   A man of your strength and skill would be the chief

of all my knights …

Black Knight                      Never.

Arthur                                  You make me sad.  But so be it. Come Patsy.

As he moves, the Black Knight bars the way.

Black Knight                      None shall pass.

Arthur                                   What?

Black Knight                       None shall pass.

Arthur                                   I have no quarrel with you, brave Sir Knight, but I must cross this bridge.

Black Knight                       Then you shall die.

Arthur                                   I command you, as King of the Britons to stand aside.

Black Knight                       I move for no man.

Arthur                                   So be it!

Arthur draws his sword and approaches the Black Knight.

A furious fight now starts lasting about fifteen seconds at which point Arthur

delivers a mighty blow which completely severs the Black Knight’s left arm at the shoulder.

Arthur steps back triumphantly.

Arthur                                   Now stand aside worthy adversary.

Black Knight                       (Glancing at his shoulder)  ‘Tis but a scratch.”

Arthur                                   A scratch?  Your arm’s off.

Black Knight                       No, it isn’t.

Arthur                                   (Pointing to the arm on ground)  Well, what’s that then?”

Black Knight                       I’ve had worse.

Arthur                                   You’re a liar.

Black Knight                       Come on you pansy!

Another ten seconds furious fighting till Arthur chops the Black Knight’s other arm off,

also at the shoulder.  The arm plus sword, lies on the ground.                               

Arthur                                   Victory is mine.  (sinking to his knees)

I thank thee O Lord that in thy …”

Black Knight                       Come on then.

Arthur                                   What?

He kicks Arthur hard on the side of the helmet.  Arthur gets up still holding his sword.

The Black Knight comes after him kicking.                

Arthur                                   You are indeed brave Sir Knight, but the fight is mine.

Black Knight                      Had enough?

Arthur                                   You stupid bastard.  You haven’t got any arms left.

Black Knight                      Course I have.

Arthur                                   Look!

Black Knight                      What!  Just a flesh wound. (kicks Arthur)

Arthur                                   Stop that.

Black Knight                       (kicking him) Had enough … ?”

Arthur                                   I’ll have your leg.

He is kicked.                      

Arthur                                   Right!

The Black Knight kicks him again and Arthur chops his leg off.

The Black Knight keeps his balance with difficulty.                           

Black Knight                       I’ll do you for that.

Arthur                                   You’ll what …?

Black Knight                       Come here.

Arthur                                   What are you going to do – bleed on me?

Black Knight                       I’m invincible!

Arthur                                   You’re a looney.

Black Knight                      The Black Knight always triumphs. Have at you!

Arthur takes his last leg off.

The Black Knight’s body lands upright.                   

Black Knight                      All right, we’ll call it a draw.

Arthur                                   Come, Patsy.

Arthur and Patsy start to cross the bridge.

Black Knight                      Running away eh?  You yellow bastard, Come back here

and take what’s coming to you.  I’ll bite your legs off!


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